KETO PROTEIN is the BESTDIET food line. It is positioned in mass consumption with the aim of becoming the reference brand for those who want to take care of themselves through a keto lifestyle, with a diet rich in protein and low in carbohydrates.


BESTDIET is the Spanish brand of nutritional supplements and special food that is characterized by developing its own products with a clear focus on new trends and the demands of a consumer who wants to take care of himself without giving up the sensations and flavors of the products he likes. and to which you are accustomed.


It is a brand that responds to new market demands and creates trends thanks to the commitment of an expert team with a long professional career in the field.


Grupo Nueva Dietética was born from the illusion of a family that, after starting out in the diet and nutrition sector more than three decades ago, realized that the key to being competitive lay in developing and controlling the entire process: from the creation of the product until it is delivered to the point of sale. Now 20 years ago, we were pioneers in Spain in the development of natural products for the health, wellness and beauty sector under the Prisma Natural brand in the pharmacy and herbalist channel.


In parallel, and due to the concern and firm commitment to continuous innovation, the group began developing and manufacturing protein products with a low level of carbohydrates that it distributes under a private label and is marketed under the umbrella of well-known brands in the ketogenic diet sector that require strict medical control. Due to the growing demand for this type of product and the need to adapt it to mass consumption and be able to “democratize” its offer, we decided to embark on our own adventure creating Best Diet and its Keto Protein line and thus be able to present an attractive catalog of products, both food and food supplements, with simple, safe and effective formulations in the case of supplementation, and with an extra supply of protein and a reduced content of carbohydrates, in the case of food, suitable for all audiences and at prices within reach of any pocket.

The company

Grupo Nueva Dietética is an Andalusian company with a solid foothold in the national and international market, with a presence in 54 countries. It started 35 years ago in the sector with the manufacture, marketing, distribution and export of food supplements, nutrition, dietetics, functional food and cosmetics based on natural ingredients.

Our objective is focused on the research, innovation, development and manufacture of new formulas that allow us to cover the needs of a growing and increasingly competitive market in terms of preventive health and well-being promotion.

Our facilities, located in Alcalá de Guadaíra – Seville, occupy more than 4,500m2, are divided into the factory and laboratory division, www.bestmedicaldiet.es and the Nueva Dietetica s.l. distributor. We have state-of-the-art technology and equipment that allow us to allow us to offer our clients the highest quality standards, complying with the most demanding certifications in ISO 9001 Quality Management, ISO 14001 Environmental Management, ISO 22000 Food Safety and ISO 22716 Good Manufacturing Practices for Cosmetic Products.

The multidisciplinary qualification of our human team, more than 200 professionals with accredited experience in the sector, allows us to offer our clients excellence in manufacturing and marketing, following our integrated policy of TOTAL QUALITY.

Recognized as INNOVATIVE SME by the Ministry of Science and Innovation of the Government of Spain, Grupo Nueva Dietética, was also chosen SME OF THE YEAR 2017 by the Chamber of Commerce and has one of the prestigious national Ecofin awards, being awarded in the category of I +D+i.

Excellence price

Our R+D+I and manufacturing division. Best Medical Diet has just received the XIII Award for Excellence in Andalusian SMEs in the health and biotechnology sectors from Caixa Bank and Grupo Joly, a reflection of our good practices and growth as well as our contribution to the economy, society and our community .


Committed to innovation and development and taking advantage of the wealth that nature offers us, we put our experience and, above all, our passion, at the service of people’s happiness and well-being.


I + D + I

We invest our resources in the continuous search for raw materials and assets, new technologies, facilities, management and logistics systems that guarantee gradual and safe expansion and growth.


We understand the attraction and retention of talent as a fundamental pillar for our growth, since the experience acquired and our committed work teams represent one of our most precious assets.

Service vocation

We strive to forge lasting relationships with our clients, being agile in responding to their needs and ensuring a pleasant experience.


We conceive the gift of nature at the service of humanity in a sustainable way. Thanks to a careful selection of the best raw materials brought from all over the world, sensitized with minimizing their impact on it.

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