KETO PROTEIN is BESTDIET‘s line of food products. It is positioned in mass consumption with the aim of becoming the benchmark brand for those who want to take care of themselves through a diet rich in protein and low in carbohydrates.


BESTDIET is the Spanish brand of food supplements and special food that is characterized by developing its own products with a clear focus on new trends, responding to the demands of consumers who want to take care of themselves without giving up the sensations and flavors of familiar products.

It is a line oriented to the new demands of the market and that creates a trend thanks to the commitment of a multidisciplinary team with a long professional career in the field.

After a decade of work dedicated to the research and development of hundreds of references designed for different brands, we present our latest creation, the KETO PROTEIN food family. The main characteristic of this line is its high level of protein and its low content of carbohydrates and fats. We have taken special care of the organoleptic quality: the sensations, the texture, the flavor and of course, its low caloric content compared to the traditional product, marking a substantial difference with respect to the current offer.


There is a growing global trend in the dietetics and sports nutrition market that leads us to an evolution of consumption where foods with a high percentage of protein and low caloric levels prevail, associated with a reduced content of carbohydrates and fats. This, together with a consumer more informed about nutritional values ​​and their effects on health, has led us to the development of the new Keto Protein line.


We are not talking about any specific diet, Keto Protein is aimed at consumers who take care of themselves, who are concerned about their diet and that of their family, who want to have a wide range to choose from without sacrificing taste, for their health and for well-being at any time in their life. We are satisfying a growing demand of people, who not only want to enjoy food but also know that with it they are taking care of themselves and their families.


“HIGH PROTEIN CONTENT”: We have developed a range of products with a protein level much higher than usual when compared with similar conventional reference products on the market, without altering their organoleptic characteristics, focused on those who seek to incorporate extra protein intake into their diet.


“LOW CARB CONTENT”: in the KETO PROTEIN range we have considerably reduced the Carbohydrate content compared to similar conventional reference products on the market, without sacrificing taste, satisfying consumer demands of diet and well-being.

Existe una tendencia global creciente en el mercado de la dietética y nutrición deportiva que nos lleva a una evolución del consumo donde prevalecen los alimentos con un alto porcentaje de proteínas y bajos niveles calóricos, asociados a un reducido contenido de hidratos de carbono y grasas. Esto, unido a un consumidor más informado sobre los valores nutricionales y sus efectos sobre la salud, nos ha conducido al desarrollo de la nueva línea Keto Protein.

No estamos hablando de ninguna dieta en concreto, Keto Protein se dirige al consumidor que se cuida, que está preocupado por su alimentación y por la de su familia, que desea tener una amplia oferta donde elegir sin renunciar al sabor, por su salud, por el bienestar en cualquier momento de su vida. La gama de productos satisface una demanda creciente de un perfil de consumidor, que no solo quiere disfrutar con la comida sino también saber que con ello se está cuidando y está cuidando de los suyos.

“ALTO CONTENIDO EN PROTEÍNAS”: hemos desarrollado una gama de productos con un nivel de proteínas muy superior al habitual si lo comparamos con productos convencionales similares de referencia en el mercado, sin alterar sus características organolépticas, enfocados hacia aquellos que buscan incorporar a su dieta un aporte extra de proteínas

“BAJO CONTENIDO EN HIDRATOS DE CARBONO”: en la gama KETO PROTEIN hemos reducido de una forma considerable el contenido de Hidratos de Carbono respecto a los productos convencionales similares de referencia en el mercado, sin renunciar al sabor, pero satisfaciendo la demanda de aquel consumidor preocupado por su alimentación y su bienestar.

With Keto Protein we facilitate the path to a food reeducation oriented towards new, healthier eating habits. We will not only contribute to achieving effective weight loss but also maintenance over time through a balanced diet. “Changing eating habits is essential if we want to maintain results.”


If you are at an optimal and healthy weight, it is about keeping it. Losing weight is relatively easy, but keeping it off is more difficult. Now you can eat everything, but always maintaining a balanced diet. “In food, miracles do not exist; a balanced diet is the only solution”. Propose good habits, such as, prioritize the consumption of Vegetables and Fruits throughout the day (5 daily servings), make sure that the highest caloric load is made in the first meals of the day and make a lower caloric load at the end of the day. It is also important to make a regular distribution of proteins throughout the day, to maintain muscle mass.

  • Feeling of well-being and absence of fatigue; stimulating effect.
  • Protection of muscle mass, thanks to the regular contribution of proteins, favoring the toning of your figure.
  • Regular and progressive weight loss facilitating long-term stability.
  • Contribution of quality proteins, with the advantage that they are easy to consume.
  • Variety of flavors and textures that will make your diet more pleasant and easy to maintain.
  • Long-term weight maintenance through a balanced diet
    • Overweight or obese people.
    • Those who wish to prevent and reduce complications related to being overweight: cardiovascular, respiratory (shortness of breath, or sleep apnea), joint disorders etc.
    • Those who have had a weight gain after quitting smoking, after pregnancy, or due to the menopause.
    • Those want to improve or maintain their physical appearance.


    Note: Being overweight can cause the appearance of many diseases; including cardiovascular issues, (hypertension, cholesterol), respiratory problems (shortness of breath, apnea), diabetes, and joint problems. It causes negative mood and low vitality. By losing weight, we regain our health, well-being and image.







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Macronutrients levels (hydrates, fats and proteins) are proportionally reduced compared to a typical balanced diet. This lowers the amount of calories consumed daily, resulting in weight loss.


Protein intake in this case is insufficient to maintain muscle mass. Weight is lost, including excess fat, but a high percentage of muscle mass is also lost.


Loss of muscle mass will cause the Basal Metabolism to descend after finishing the diet; with the consequence that our body will need less energy (calories) than when we started the diet. Once we return to our usual diet – and especially if we have not changed our eating habits in favor of a balanced diet – this can cause an increase in lost weight, due to this decrease in Basal Metabolism.


*Notes: Basal metabolism is the minimum value of energy necessary for our body to survive. This minimum energy is used to carry out essential metabolic functions, such as breathing. The metabolic rate decreases with age and with the loss of muscle mass. Increasing muscle mass is the only thing that can increase this rate.

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The KETO PROTEIN diet is not a high-protein diet, nor is it a low-carb diet.

High protein diets excessively increase protein intake; they can overload your metabolism. Low-calorie diets reduce the intake of fats, sugars, and proteins, which makes it difficult for the body to maintain its vital functions and causes loss of muscle mass.


The KETO Protein Diet reduces fat and sugar intake, while providing the protein necessary for the functioning of the body; allowing weight loss to take place at the expense of fat mass, all the while maintaining muscle mass.

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Carb consumption (bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, etc.) is reduced in favor of foods rich in proteins, but the consumption of fats is not reduced.


In addition, typical protein-rich foods are rich in saturated fat. This causes an increase in cholesterol and triglycerides (with the consequent cardiovascular risk). In this type of diet there is also an increase in uric acid (with the consequent risk of problems such as kidney stones and gout [uric acid crystals in the joints])


In short, it is a totally inadvisable diet.

The KETO PROTEIN food routine is focused on food re-education and maintaining a balanced diet. People who acquire new eating habits benefit from a wide variety of products that will help them maintain weight in the long term.

The Ketosis induced by the Protein Diet should never be confused with Ketoacidosis. Ketoacidosis is a serious situation (for example in type 1 diabetic patients).


In this case, glucose (blood sugar) levels are high, but since the body cannot use that glucose because there is a deficit of insulin, ketone bodies are generated rapidly and uncontrolled. This massive production of ketone bodies creates significant imbalances and leads to a critical situation, such as low blood pH, demineralization, and severe dehydration.


In the Protein Diet, the Ketosis that is induced is controlled; This diet provides a minimum of 50 g of carbohydrates per day, which reduces ketosis and keeps it under control.


This contribution of carbohydrates in the diet is also important for other reasons: it reduces the feeling of hunger, improves mood, prevents a decrease in basal metabolism, increases physical capacity, favors the retention of electrolytes (minerals), inhibits hyperuricemia (uric acid), and reduces the loss of important minerals such as calcium, magnesium and zinc.

  • Once you have achieved your ideal weight, the challenge is to maintain it!


    Thanks to our EATING ROUTINE (based on the protein diet) you will acquire new eating habits, which will help you stay at your ideal weight.

    Our objective is food re-education.



Lose weight and gain muscle mass. Click on the link to learn some healthy eating recipes.

We help you achieve a healthy lifestyle, feel good about yourself, and promote your well-being by improving your diet.

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